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Event Overview


The state of healthcare in the Philippines, as assessed by the World Health Organization (WHO), is characterized as “fragmented”. This fragmentation is exemplified by a substantial disparity in both the quality and quantity of health services available to different socio-economic groups. Notable challenges such as comparatively low allocation of the national budget to the health sector and healthcare workforce shortage; modernization programmes, and the like leaves significant void in the country’s healthcare infrastructure. A crucial step towards addressing these challenges and bridge the gap in healthcare provision was the signing of the Universal Health Care (UHC) Bill into law on February 20, 2019. This landmark legislation is designed to transform the healthcare landscape by aiming to provide comprehensive and equitable healthcare services for all, irrespective of socio-economic status. As the Philippines endeavours to improve its healthcare system, the UHC Bill represents a pivotal move towards achieving a more inclusive and accessible healthcare environment for the Filipino people.

This year, the Philippine Pharmacists Association, Inc. 2024 National Convention, the highly anticipated and dynamic gathering welcomes all Filipino Pharmacists, stakeholders, regulators, partners and visionaries to a transformative event with the theme “EMPOWERING FOR THE N.E.X.T. IN HEALTHCARE”. The Scientific Program of the convention has been divided into 4 plenary sessions covering:

N (NOVEL PHARMACY PRACTICES): Explore groundbreaking and innovative pharmacy practices that redefine the landscape of healthcare. From cutting-edge technologies to revolutionary approaches, discover how novel practices ae reshaping the future of pharmacy.

E (ENGAGED PATIENT-CENTRIC APPROACHES): Dive into the heart of patient-centric care, where Pharmacists engagement takes center stage. Uncover strategies and initiatives that empower patients, fostering a collaborative and inclusive approach to healthcare delivery.

X (EXPANDED PARTNERSHIPS AND COLLABORATIONS): Witness the power of collaboration as we explore expanded partnerships among healthcare professionals. Learn how interdisciplinary collaborations are enriching the healthcare ecosystem, leading to holistic and comprehensive patient care.

T (TRAINING AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT OF PHARMACISTS): Embark on a journey of continuous improvement with a focus on the training and skills development of Pharmacists. Discover initiatives that empower the profession to adapt, grow, and thrive in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Highlights of the event would be the thought- provoking keynotes providing insights into the challenges, opportunities and innovations shaping the industry. The interactive panel discussions and oral presentations designed to enhance skills and empower attendees with practical knowledge applicable to the N.E.X.T. era of healthcare.

ppha convention logo

About the PPhA Convention Logo

At the heart of the 2024 Philippine Pharmacists Association National Convention logo is the face of a warrior, embodying the energy and spirit of the Dinagyang Festival, paying homage to our sponsor chapter from Iloilo City. The warrior signifies resilience and celebration, capturing the essence of the local culture. Encircling the warrior is the timeless symbol of Pharmacy, the Bowl of Hygeia, emblematic of the noble pharmacy profession and our undying commitment to health.

Radiating outward, four prominent figures represent the Filipino Pharmacists, each embodying one aspect of the N.E.X.T. in Healthcare: Novel Pharmacy Practices,Engaged Patient-Centric Approaches, eXpanded Partnerships, and Training and Skills Development. These figures stand tall, signifying strength of our vision and unity with our mission.

Intertwining among the figures are representations of patients, illustrating the Pharmacists’ focus on patient-centric care. Capsules and tablets intermingle with the scene, symbolizing our prowess in medication and health.

Prominent arrows, pointing upward, symbolizes progress, growth, and the continuous ascent towards excellence in pharmacy practice. Above it all, a star ascends, representing the upliftment of pharmacy standards, reaching new heights through collaboration and innovation.

Together, these elements weave a narrative of empowerment, progress, and unity within the pharmacy profession, reflecting the 2024 National Convention theme "Empowering for the N.E.X.T. in Healthcare.”

Conference Highlights

N NOVEL PHARMACY PRACTICES: Implementing the Latest Trends and Innovations in Pharmacy Practice
Upgrading the Processes and Redefining the Roles of Pharmacists in a Constantly Evolving Environment
Building Interprofessional Relationships with Stakeholders
Continuously Developing the Competencies of Pharmacists in Varied Areas of Practice

Program Overview

10 Wed

  • Distribution of Kits
  • Ribbon Cutting - Opening of Trade and Poster Exhibits
  • Leaders Forum
  • Pre-convention Forum - Pharmacy Education Roadmap Consultation
  • Leaders Fellowship Night

11 Thu

  • Eucharistic Celebration
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Processional And Parade of Colors
  • Welcome Message and Declaration of The Opening of Convention
  • Keynote Session
  • Convention Overview
  • Lunch Symposia
  • PPhA 2024 Awards Ceremonies
  • Presentation Of the Scientific Program
  • Plenary Session 1:

    Implementing the Latest Trends and Innovations in Pharmacy Practice

12 Fri

  • Plenary Session 2:

    Upgrading the Processes and Redefining the Role of Pharmacists in a Constantly Evolving Environment
  • Lunch Symposia
  • Plenary Session 3:

    Building Interprofessional Relationship with Stakeholders
  • Fellowship Night

13 Sat

  • Plenary Session 4:

    Continuously Developing the Competencies of Pharmacists in Varied Areas of Practice
  • Lunch Symposia
  • Oral Research Presentation
  • PPhA General Assembly
  • Closing Ceremonies

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